December 27, 2018
9 months and 11 days left
until our celebration.

               This website will serve as our means of communication as we plan our
​             2nd Family Reunion to be held during the Christmas season of 2018.

​                 Custom pages are being built such as the 2018 Questionnaire page
​             which lists all events and actvities planned, your preferences, etc.

                  Please send us pictures through the "then" and "now" uploads in your
             sign-in page and in the photo albums pages.  

​                 Our Ellison-White Family Reunion website is evolving each day. 
​            As a site member you may browse and make content suggestions as we grow.             The site will continue to grow as we continue to grow as a family unit!
​                  Join the website as a site member and let's build a legacy like no other!

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